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A slew of Shapeways models, plus the newest releases from H&R and GHQ

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See the ad above?  They're a great source for discounted GHQ Minis.
Micro Armor Mayhem

Welcome to Micro Armor Mayhem, a site devoted to modern and World War II micro scale models by makers such as GHQ, CinC, Scotia, and Heroics & Ros.  In general, micro scale miniatures are between 1/285 scale (produced by GHQ and CinC) and 1/300 (produced by everyone else).  The scale is also known as 6mm, the average size of a human figure at this scale.  In addition to the traditional metal manufacturers, there are now numerous models available via 3D printer Shapeways.  However, these vary greatly in quality, price and value.  Masters of Military represents the best of them.
What's New

October 30, 2018
Alright, it has been a while since I updated the site; the basic issue is that many of the models that I've been painting up are duplicates of those that I already have photos of.  That said, there are a fair number of new additions:

Germany -- GHQ Man KAT-1, H&R Fuchs
Israel -- GHQ Soltam L33
US -- GHQ FMTV and FMTV Trailer
India -- KMT Arjun
Various -- KMT Al Zarrar, Al Khalid
USSR -- GHQ 2S7 Pion
PRC -- GHQ ZBG-08, Type 96B
France -- Caesar

World War II
UK -- H&R LRDG Land Rover and Personnel, GHQ Humber LRC, GHQ Lloyd Carrier
France -- GHQ Dodge Tanaka
Germany -- GHQ Opel Blitz Bus
US -- GHQ LVT-2, USMC Infantry and Heavy Weapons

July 31, 2018
Alright, it has been a while since my last update; I've been having technical issues. Anyway, enough excuses, here's what's new:

H&R US M110A1, Bill's Models M656, Pershing 1, Gamma Goat, Nike Hercules, Masters of Military M911 C-HET, GHQ Stryker Dragoon and Stryker Javelin
GHQ UK Land Rover Defender, GHQ Starstreak SP SAM

France:  GHQ Renault AHS, FT-17, Masters of Military Char D1, Belgian T-13, Belgian T-15
UK:  GHQ Humber AA
US:  A wide variety of pre-war US light tanks from Masters of Military, plus the new GHQ M4A3

April 17, 2018
Another quick update with new models...

GHQ US M114 155mm Towed Howitzer
GHQ North Korean Koksan SP Gun, Sonhung Ho MBT, Sinhung APC
GHQ WWII German PzJag 38T, Bison 38T, Opel Blitz

March 21, 2018
Just a quick update with several new models.

Masters of Military UK Thornycroft Antar Mk. 2
GHQ US Redone M60A2
GHQ Japanese Type 90 MBT
GHQ Imperial Japanese Type 89 Medium Tank

January 30, 2018
Yet another long gap between updates, but there are a lot of adds.

First and foremost, I added a slew of photos of H&R's new line of Italian WW2 infantry -- they are excellent (though my paint job doesn't do them justice).  I was particularly impressed by the large number of poses, particularly the inclusion of excellent command figures and a ton of different engineers.  Beyond that:

UK Desert
Marmon Herrington Mk II (GHQ)
Daimler (H&R)
Humber (H&R)
Valentines (H&R)
Deacon (MoM)

UK Northwest Europe
SP Bofors (GHQ)

Semovente 75 (CinC)
Carro Commando (CinC)
AB-42 (CinC)
L-6 (H&R)

King Tiger (ISM)
Pnather (ISM)
SdKfz 251 w/ tarp (ISM)
Bergepanther (ISM)

T-92 SP 240mm Howitzer (GHQ)
M4 Sherman w/Cullen (CinC)

C-130 (?)
F-15s (various)
Tomahawk Launcher, Command (ISM)

A-4s (?)

Rapier, Tracker Rapier (H&R)
FV-180 (H&R)
FV-432 Ranger (various)
Marksman SPAA (H&R?)


Gaz Ural NEXT (MoM)

Pereh Missile Carrier (GHQ)

Scud (Skytrex)

YW-23 AA (GHQ)

October 31, 2017
Alright, it has been quite some time without an update, but this is a big one.  In addition to the latest edition of "The Shapeways report" from Fred Oliver, it includes:

Mi-6 (H&R)
M-26 (H&R)

Various Bedfords and Leylands (H&R)
Various Land Rovers (H&R)

Fuchs (H&R?)
FH-70 (?)

South Korea
K-21 (GHQ)

M-107 (CinC)
M-41 (H&R)

World War II
Bedford QLT (GHQ)
Bedford QLR (GHQ)
Bedford QLD (GHQ)
India Pattern Carrier (GHQ)
Secxton SPG (H&R)
Monty's Caravan (H&R)
6lber and Lloyd Carrier (GHQ)

D-7 Bulldozer (H&R)
M-26 Tank Transporter (H&R)
Studebaker Fuel Tanker (H&R)
M-16 SPAA (H&R)
3" AT Gun (GHQ)
Sherman Flame (Custom)
90mm M1 AA (H&R)

Turan (?)

Lorraine 76mm (?)
Mercedes G3A (H&R)
PzIV Bridgelayer (H&R)
Famo w/Spade & w/Crane (H&R)
SdKfz 251 (various Pewtercraft)
BergePanther (H&R)
BergeHetzer (H&R)
Pz III Recovery (H&R)
BefehlsPanzer I (H&R)
Kfz 17 (H&R)

August 14, 2017
I've added another update to Fred Oliver's document on 6mm/1/285 models in alternative materials.  In addition, I've added a page for UK WWII Paras, given the vast new array of offerings on the subject.  Currently, I have added the fine new range of Para vehicles and artillery available from H&R.  These models are truly noteworthy for several reasons -- first, they cover an interesting subject that has only been touched on lightly, and do so in great depth.  Additionally, each model comes with an array of figures and baggage molded on.  This gives them a great deal of "life" and adds immeasurably to their value.  That said, I'm not sure my painting skills do them justice (actually, I am sure that it doesn't).  I strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in the subject give them a look.  They can be found here.

July 10, 2017
I've been away for a bit, so I've just gotten a new update.  The most important things in this update is Fred Oliver's excellent report on 6mm/1/285 models in alternative materials, primarily (but not limited to) 3D printed models.  It is a comprehensive roundup of what is currently available, along with instructions for handling the models.  It can be found here.

Otherwise, the update consists of a load of models from H&R and Amphibmods:

Horsa Glider
Hadrian Glider
Hamilcar Glider
Sherman DD
Valentine Mk XI (H&R)



Modern Soviet

May 19, 2017
A decent-sized update this month, including several new models from GHQ.

Modern USMC
A variety of CinC LAVs in desert colors with add-on baggage

T-55 Enigma, the new GHQ model

Modern German
The new GHQ Leopard 2A4

CinC M50

WWII Italian
H&R TL37

WWII German Afrika Korps

Assorted Panzer IIIs and IVs

WWII Soviet
H&R KV-1, KV-2, T-70, and ZSU-37

April 27, 2017
Just a small update this month as I complete a platoon-scale US Light Armored Division circa 1944.

A complete combat command under "Complete Units"


Modern Soviet
Kamaz 4350, 5350, and 6350
SA-10 Reload Vehicle

Warsaw Pact


CV-90 Armadillo

B-1 Draco 76mm AA

March 20, 2017
First, there was a major update to the ISM manufacturer page, with the addition of more than 50 photos, including a variety of new ones.

Beyond that:
Modern US:
T-71 76mm Gun Tank, M44 APC

WWII Japanese
Type 4 Ka-Tsu

WWII France
Laffly V15T, V15R, W15T

M6A2E1 Heavy Tank
3/4 Ton Dodge Communication Vehicle
GMC 2.5 Ton Truck

Centurion Mk I
M9, M9A1 Half-Tracks

February 22, 2017
Huge update, with a wide array of new models.  
WWII Germans:
Old GHQ PzIVD, PzIIIE, Opel Blitz, PewterCraft 8.8cm AA, CinC 4.5 Ton Maultier, GHQ Pak 40 SP auf 39h(f)
Medium Mk II*, Tractor
CinC M26, GHQ 2.5 Ton GMC Short Wheel Base
Japan WWII:
Sumida AC

Modern US:
GHQ M35, M132 Zippo, Masters Of Military M1008, M1009, M929, M932, ISM HEMTT Cargo, various others

Modern German:
CinC Leopard II, Marder

Modern USSR:
Various BTR-60s

Modern UK:
H&R Chieftain Stillbrew

Modern France:
GHQ ERC-90S Sagaie

January 30, 2017
A variety of new models, primarily aircraft.  This entry delayed by my work on a platoon-scale US 1944 Light Armored Division (now nearing completion.)

Numerous WWII aircraft for the US, British, Japanese, Germans and Soviets, plus H&R's LARC-5 for the modern US and the M51 .50 AA for the WWII US.

December 15, 2016
A bit of a delay since the last update, but this is another big one.

On the modern side, there are a horde of Cold War UK vehicles, primarily from H&R, including the Spartan ARV, MLRS, M109A1, FV-180 CET, Chieftain ARV and others, along with better shots of GHQ's Spartan.  For France, there is GHQ's new ERC-90S Sagaie, while I also posted shots of GHQ's excellent Russian S-300 missile system.

There are also a number of photos of new WWII models, including both UK (Churchill 1) and Russia/USSR (KV-2, Tank Riders, ISM T-34/76, GHQ BM-13).

October 25, 2016
Alright, it has been a long time since the last update, but there are a lot of new photos.

To start with, all three of the new GHQ Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force vehicles are up (Type 10, Type 89 and Type 96), and they are impressive.  Also added is the FRG Boxer IFV.  For the US, there is the M103 heavy tank from GHQ in the Tank section, along with the Masters of Military M59 and M75 APCs and M84 mortar carrier in the APC section.  Also for the US, I've added Master of Military's M923 and M927 5-Ton trucks to the soft-skin section.  For the Russians, I've added photos of a variety of aircraft (CinC Mig-21, KTM Mi-17, GHQ Mi-8), along with Master of Military's MT-T amphibious transporter (in the transport section) and the Tigr w/Kornet.  The Masters of Military version of the Czech Tatra 813 was also added.  For the UK, I've added yet another Land Rover variant from H&R, along with the Alvis 2002 tank transporter.  On the more modern side, the UK 21st Century page has a slew on new vehicles, including the Ridgeback, Wolfhound and Bulldog Mk3, among others.  Finally, for the USMC and USN, I've added photos of H&R's A-6, A-7 and F-8, plus a slew of CinC Lav-25s in desert colors (with a lot more variants to come).

August 5, 2016
I've completed my review/building guide for H&R excellent new Mi-6 Helicopters, a very worthwhile model not otherwise covered in this scale.

A number of new models have also been added to the site, including India's T-90S and T-72M1 (at the bottom of the linked page), US M1086 FMTV LWB, M10901 FMTV Tanker, Arab T-62s, assorted USSR Gaz-69 variants from Masters Of Military plus more Gaz Tigrs and T-72 Tusks, more Australian Centurion Mk 5s, H&R's Centauro for the Italians, the CinC West German PzJgr SS-11, along with the new H&R M-47 and several other early Cold War models, and, finally, H&R excellent and much needed UK Chieftain Stillbrew.

Pretty limited updates on the WWII side.  There is the US Sherman "Aunt Jemima" mine clearing vehicle from Masters of Military.

July 22, 2016

GHQ has released its new list of models for the 2016-17 period, and there are a lot of fine selections.  Ultimately, I hope that most will appear on this site, but my initial enthusiasm is for the addition of a range of modern Japanese vehicles, some much needed Russian (particularly the SA-10), Western civilians, and the Leopard IIA4 (of which I'll probably need about 50).   One other item of interest -- zombies!  That gives me all sorts of thoughts on an operational-level zombie fighting game.

On another note, I've had a chance to go through the most recent H&R releases, and there are some absolutely spectacular models now available.  Of particularly note, the Chieftain Stillbrew is both much needed and very well done -- it fits in perfectly in both size and detail with related GHQ models.  In addition, the resin/brass/pewter Mi-6 helicopter is truly a work of art, and will be the focus of a "how-to" build article in the near future.  If you have any interest in the period, this is a must-have model.  I'll also shortly be ordering the massive new Mi-26 Halo, and expect it to be equally excellent.

Beyond that, a variety of modern models in this update -- including more T-64BMs and Gaz-Tigr (w/ATGM) for the Russians, and a variety of Italians -- GHQ's Freccia, Centauro, and Ariete, along with H&R's Dardo.

On the World War II side, there are a large number of German models, most from Masters of Military, including the JagdPanther II, FlakPanther 8.8cm, SdKfz 252, SdKfz 253, a very small tank destroyer, and others.

Finally, Lee Daugherty has kindly sent me photos of ISM's company packs of Leopard 1s and BMP-2s.

July 5, 2016
Sorry for the lengthy delay -- there have been some technical difficulties, now resolved.

Just a small update this week, but more to come shortly (as I have recently received a major shipment of new H&R models).  Included this week are GHQ's UK A-10 in European colors, French SUMB and AMX-10RC in Nato Tri-Color, assorted Soviet tanks, including the recent JS-3, and the impressive 2S7 Pion 203mm SPG.

May 6, 2016
A whole slew of new models in this update.  On the modern side, several South African models (including the Valkyrie), a horde of Israelis (including GHQ's M3/90mm and M113 Tamusz), and more Egyptian EIFVs.

On the WWII collection pages, I've added photos of several Italian models, several of them fairly unique.

April 20, 2016
I've been extremely busy lately, so not too much to add.  The major add is a large number of new 3D-printed models from Fred Oliver, all aircraft and all well-painted.  He truly has an impressive collection.  Beyond that, I've added shots of a number of German WWII models -- all 3D printed, and basically all end-of-the-war vaporware.

March 2, 2016
All-moderns update this time.  
A unique model first -- Master of Military's Pershing 1 battery for the US.  Also, GHQ's new Italian Ariete and UK Warrior (Improved) new sculpt.  Other than that, it's all Russian -- GHQ's BTR-80A, BMP-T on the APC side, GCM's T-14 Armata and GHQ's T-64BM on the tank side, and finally the SA-15 Buk-M1 SAM from Masters of Military.

February 12, 2016
Just a small update this week -- four new Cold War era French AFVs from Masters of Military -- all great subjects that have not been appropriately covered in the past.  In addition, there are photos of about 8 new UK WWII vehicles, including CinC's Valentine IX, Churchill II, GHQ's Staghound Mk III and others.

January 12, 2016
Happy New Year!

For the start of the year, here are a horde of new models.  On the modern side, I've added photos of the excellent Atomic Annie model from Masters of Military for the US, along with some well-painted GHQ Bradleys, the Piasecki Retriever (US Navy), GHQ's UK Landrover 110, Russia's Volk 3 SP gun, and others.  In addition, GCM's new M1070 is up for the 21st Century Wars page.

On the WWII side, there are a ton of new US models, primarily from CinC, including the White Scout Car, the M26 tank hauler, various trucks and many more.

December 28, 2015
A big update for the end of the year.  On the WWII side, there are numerous UK desert war forces, including GHQ A9s, A10s, Matildas, Mk. VIBs, Humber Mk IIs, Bishops, Thornycroft 4x6s, Morris 4x6s, and others.

A bit more varied on the modern side, including a Jackal 2 variant and Challengers for the UK 21st Century wars page.  For the US, M1070 HETS from Gamecraft, GHQ's new HEMTT Gun Trucks, Masters of Military Mk48 LVS, HEMTT Centurion, and HEMTT L3 AHS for the US.

December 7, 2015
Pearl Harbor Day

Just a brief update this week -- GHQ's Modern Chinese Infantry, along with several US artillery pieces, including GHQ M41 155mm SPG.

November 23, 2015
OK, really big update this month.  First, Fred Oliver has kindly sent over more excellent photos of all sorts of Shapeways-printed aircraft -- he truly has an enormous collection!

On the WWII side, I've added photos of a bunch of CinC WWII Russian models -- T-26B, BT-7, KV-2, and White Scout Car.

On the modern side, the first of the ultra-modern Russian equipment is up -- the T-14 Armata, the T-15 Armata IFV, Panstsir S1, Armata Bridgelayer, Kamaz Typhoon and  others.  All are 3D printed, designed by Javelin98 on Shapeways.  Overall, they're pretty good, particularly given that the actual vehicles have only been seen in public in the last six months.

Also added:  M53 and M55 SPGs for the modern US, Norwegian CV9030N (under Sweden, don't have a separate Norwegian page yet), 3D printed UK Stalwart, Soviet T-62A, and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting about.

October 27, 2015
Most of this update consists of photos of WWII German models, including (but not limited to) ISM's Stug IIIG, the Panzer IID and Panzer III/IV from Masters of Military, Skytrex's SWS42, GHQ's 88mm Flak, assorted assault boats, Pz IC and command versions from CinC, early Tiger Is from GHQ, and CinC's Kubelwagen.  Also added are the US Waco from H&R and a low-quality UK Lancaster bomber.

September 18, 2015
This update features a new Army, though it remains missing a fairly large number of units:  Cold War-era Turkey.  So far, there are a few tanks, a dozen or so APCs, and a half-dozen aircraft of one sort or another.  However, there are sufficient models to field the artillery for an infantry division, along with Corps and Army support.

In addition, there are a variety of new WWII German models, including several from an unknown manufacturer (could be Pewtercraft?) and GHQ's impressive E-100.

August 27, 2015
This update consists primarily of newer models from GHQ, though there are exceptions.  On the WWII side, there are US Corbitt 50SD6 trucks and ISM's M4 High-Speed Tractor, along with a 3D printed Soviet T-50 light tank.

On the modern side, there is the GHQ Land Rover 110 for the UK, the French Marmon S.U.M.B., Leguan bridging truck, and AMX-30 AVLB, the Egyptian EFIV, the South African Olifant Mk 2, and USSR ZSU-57-2.

August 11, 2015
Mostly World War II models in this update.  On the US side, there is the M2A1 Medium from Masters of Military, along with various M24s, halftracks and trucks.  For the UK, there are two versions of the Churchill AVRE, several GHQ trucks, and the Canadian Windsor Carrier.

On the modern side, there are more (and better) UK H&R Challengers, along with US M114s and Israeli Zelda.

July 21, 2015
Essentially, there are two separate updates this week.  The first is fairly straightforward -- the infantry components of GHQ's DAK Combat Command and 1940 UK Combat Command.

The second is a bit different, consisting primarily of 3D printed models from Shapeways.  Overall, the quality varies wildly between designers and materials.  The best are close to GHQ in quality, while the worst look like pieces on a children's game board.  Prices tend to be fairly well correlated to quality.  The best models run about $3-$4 per vehicle, but the lower quality ones can be far cheaper.  Those in this update are almost all from Masters of Military, among the best designs on Shapeways, and represent a wide variety of rare and unusual WWII German vehicles not generally available elsewhere, including several Pz IA variants, the Pz II Flamingo, JgdPz IVL70 (E), Marder II (76.2mm), and many others.  While the photos, being taken from less than 12 inches from the model, highlight their flaws, with normal human eyesight, they look rather impressive. A quick note of thanks to Fred Oliver, who sent them over to me.

In addition to the 3D models, there are the new GHQ Panzer V with side skirts, the unique Leva/LegionsIVHire 128mm Zwilling AA, and several captured French vehicles in Germans service from H&R.

July 3, 2015
Just a few updates this week.  I've corrected the ID of a modern Japanese aircraft (its a YS-11, not a P-3).  Also added many photos of GHQ's new Warrior and Ferret Mk 1 on the UK page, including comparisons of the old and new versions of the warrior.  Beyond that, there are a bunch of ancient or second-tier models added the the US side - Roland, M901, M150, M106, LVTP7

June 24, 2015
Just a small update this week, all 3D printed models.  First up, I've added a pair of galleries under a new section, containing photos of some of Fred Oliver's many 3D-printed aircraft.  In addition, I've added a load of Kokoda Trail Models' printed Japanese, Taiwanese (on the Japanese page), and French models, many not produced elsewhere.

June 5, 2015
Huge number of updates this week.  On the modern side, a slew of new updates, including the GHQ Centurion Mk 5 (Australian), a ton of Soviets, including GHQ's Smerch, T-72 TUSK, T-72 Bridgelayer, UAZ-469 and Tigr, plus 3D models such as Object 279, SA-23/S-300VM, BM-23 on AT-S, West German Faun trucks and LKW Munga .25 ton, Israeli Iron Dome, US Larc-5, and more

For WWII, there are only a few additions, mainly German PzIV Bridgelayer and Sig-33, US Marmon Herrington Light Tank, and Soviet ISU-152 Object 704.

May 20, 2015
All moderns in this update, mostly current US inventory -- GameCraft's fine Patriot launcher, GHQ M777 and FMTV, CinC M1A2, and a 3D printed HETS M1070.  In addition, a 3D printed Pershing 2 launcher.  Also added are the Arrow 2 ADM for Israel (along with more M51s), plus the Swedish CV90/105.

May 1, 2015
Not a huge update, but some interesting items.  On the modern side, I've added H&R's new BV-206 mortar carrier, placed under the Sweden section, despite its use by a variety of nations.  I've also put in a photo of a rather unique model, CinC's first attempt at a T-72, based on early but erroneous sketches that showed it with T-64-style suspension.  Very cool Soviet model.

On the WWII side, the new additions come from the GHQ Afrika Korps 1941 Combat Command, fleshed out with GHQ Pz IIILs and CinC Pz IVF2s.  I looked to paint these up in the very worn condition typically shown in period photos, and have customized them a bit with H&R's baggage and accessories.

In addition, a dozen or so Soviet WWII aircraft models have been posted, most of the from H&R

March 27, 2015
Biggest update ever, probably...
WWII:  ND 622, D.510, D.371 French aircraft, various UK Hawker Hind variants, 25lber and Humber Quad, and bulldozer, a series of M4s and M3A3s for the US, and Japanese Shinhoto Chi-Ha.

Far More On The Modern Side:  UK Challenger 2 TES, FV 432 Mk 3 Trojan and Vector, US MQ-9 Reaper, F-16, F-102, F-106, YF-23, Nike-Hercules, Nike Ajax, USN S-3, F-18s, A-7, V-22, and others, PRC Type 99A1 and ZBD05, Austrian 4K4 and variants, East German T-72s, USSR T-10M, Antonov 94, Antonov 30.

March 6, 2015
All modern models this month -- including a bevy of GHQ Australians (M1A1 AIM, G-Wagen, more Bushmasters and ASLAVs), plus many of H&R's Israelis.

February 23, 2015
A whole slew of new models, with many more to come.  On the WWII side, most of the H&R WWII French aircraft that weren't already there.  Beyond that, I've added the ISM Horsa glider and Beaufighter for the UK.  

On the modern side, lots of shots of GHQ BMP-3s for the Soviets, along with many BTR-80s and variants and the new GHQ T-55AM.  In addition, there is the GHQ EBR for France and the Koksan 170mm SPG for North Korea.

January 26, 2015
Happy Belated New Year!
I've been focused on other things in recent weeks, but have a major backlog of painted models not yet up on the site.  This update is primarily WWII German models, most of which are eBay rehab jobs and not my best work.  Still, they fill in some gaps.  

Going forward, the next look may be a horde of WWII French Aircraft.  In addition, Fred Oliver has sent me a horde of rare and obscure WWII (and interwar) aircraft from Shapeways.  Down the road, I have most of the releases from GHQ and H&R from the last few months in hand, and am well on my way to having them painted up, so look for them in the near future.

December 15, 2014
All modern additions this week, including the Canadian version of the Leopard IIA6, plus the Lav-III TUA, Lav-III ELAV, and many others for Canada.  In addition, the French LeClerc has been added and the Boxer, JagdLeopard, and assorted Leopard 1s for the West Germans.

November 24, 2014
An absolute horde of US WWII models, including LVT-2, M6 SPAT, M15, M15A1 Special, M7 Priest, various tanks, trucks, Brewster Buffaloes, and numerous others.  In addition, the new GHQ M4A2 with sand shields for the UK.

November 4, 2014
I've added photos of most of the new GHQ Israeli models, including three various Magachs, Merkava I (ok, its not new...), the Namer, plus various other models.  Also added the HIMARS for the US.

October 17, 2014
Just a single group of models added this update -- but a ton of photos.  Its Heroics & Ros' new Taliban insurgents, including all the heavy weapons, the pickup trucks, and the truck passengers.  Great stuff, and timely.

October 3, 2014

Primary additions this month (technically, this is September's entry... just late) are GHQ and H&R lines of South African vehicles, on a new page.  Also added are a Shapeways 8.8cm Flak on SdKfz 8 on the WWII German page, and more UK FV432 Bulldog III models.

August 26, 2014

I'm back from vacation and updating the site.   First, I would like to draw attention to perhaps the best 6mm blog active these days, Allen's Microarmor Blog, a site owned by Gamecraft Miniature's Allen Rockwell.  Well worth frequent checks.

 This month's additions include 3D printed models of the UK Humber Hornet and Conqueror, along with another horde of new South Korean models.  In addition, the new GHQ T-62, BTR-T, BMD-3, and KrAZ-214 have been added, along with the US M-46.

July 22, 2014
A number of new offerings in this update, mainly from the new releases from H&R.  Firstly, there is the re-done US M1 Abrams, featuring a new and much improved turret.  In addition, there's photos of a 3D printed MBT-70, kindly donated by Fred Oliver.  Also receiving a facelift are the Dutch YPR-765 (YPR-PRI) and the YPR-PRAT.  I've also added shots of H&R's Range Rover for the UK.  Finally, there is a new North Korean page, mainly featuring H&R's new line of vehicles for that reclusive nation.  

Overall, the quality of the new models is excellent, and really shows off Ian Armstrong's modeling skills.  In addition, the new additions fill a huge hole in the various existing lines.  I hope we see more of North Korea's unique hardware in the near future.  There weren't any models in GHQ's 2013-2014 list, so its all on H&R's shoulders.

June 28, 2014
First, I've corrected several problems on the modern UK page that were pointed out to me.  In addition, I've begun trying to make sure that the ISM page is fully updated, so there have been a number of changes there.  The page is getting too large, so I'm going to have to break it up before long.  

As for new models, I've added assorted Mig-17s for the Arabs and the ISM B-2 for the US.  On the WWII side, there are numerous new US aircraft, plus a fair number of German ones.  Finally, there is also the UK Lysander from ISM.

June 11, 2014
GHQ has released its new products list for the coming year, and along with the new models coming out from the H&R team of Andy Kirk and Ian Armstrong, it should be a banner year for the hobby.

Here's the list (dates were not provided):
Modern US Infantry and Heavy Weapons (2001-present)
M977 HEMMT Armoured (damn! I just made a bunch of these myself)
M132 Zippo (M113 w/flamethrower)
Challenger 2 (TES)
FV510 Warrior re-make (but I already have about 100!)
FV510 Improved Warrior re-make
Landrover 110 4-Door Hardtop
Corbit 50SD6 6-Ton Cargo Truck
M113 Tamuz (Israeli ATGM vehicle)
Modern Russian Infantry And Heavy Weapons (2001-present)
T-72 Urban Survival Kit
BM-30 Smerch
T-55 MV
Centurion Mk. 5
Olifant MK
Panhard EBR
Marmom S.U.M.B. (mid Cold War French truck)
EIFV (Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
WWII US Marines and Heavy Weapons
M3A3 Stuart
M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
M4 Tractor w/155mm Long Tom
Panther w/Side Skirts
Pz III Recovery Vehicle
Skyraider A-1E
Lavochkin La-5 Razorback
Tupelov SB
JU-87B-1 Stuka
M2 Pontoon Bridge w/Corbit 50SD6 (combat command

Overall, this is a great list.  I particularly like the fact the three infantry sets, the combat command, the Warrior re-makes, and the lack of esoteric WWII German vehicles.

As for models added with this update, there are a variety of Arab vehicles, along with the new GHQ FV432 Mk III Bulldog for the UK, a variety of US modern tracks,  plus a bunch of WWII Germans.

May 12, 2014
A long time since the last update, but a bunch of new models:
For the Soviets/Russians, the 2S19 SP Gun and the ISM BTR-80 command vehicle.  There are also a slew of models for the USMC/USN page, mainly from Nichimo, but also including the new Gamecraft UCAS-D.  On the modern French page, there is GHQ's new Alouette II.

Many Germans and UK desert troops added, including GHQ and CINC Stugs, Hetzers,  PzIVJs, 50mm AT guns, SdKfz 222, SdKfz 231, and others.

April 8, 2014
Just a few additions this week -- all for modern Arab armies:  Three types of BRDM AT vehicles, more ZSU-23/4s, CinC's excellent T-10M, PT-76, and more

April 1, 2014
No April Fool's jokes here... just a handful of 21st century war models.  For the UK, the improved Warrior and H&R's Land Rover.  For the US, HMMWV AOAs, HEMTT flatbeds, some speculative Stryker mods, and lots of gun trucks.

March 17, 2014
Only a few models to add on the modern side, and they're just different paint jobs on a variety of Strykers in the US 21st Century Wars page.

Far more additions on the WWII side.  More Matilda IIs, Mk VIAA, Comets, Cromwell, Achilles and more for the UK, along with M10 Wolverines, M36B1s, M32 ARV and more for the US, plus ISM's SdKfz 251 ambulance for the Germans.

March 8, 2014
Sorry for the delay... lots of technical issues, but they are resolved now.

This update consists of about 40 more ISM models added to the catalog, courtesy of collector Fred Oliver.  Thanks Fred!

February 12, 2014

Not a lot in this update, really -- a horde of photos of WWII French armor.  Most of it is GHQ, and they are well-covered with GHQ's French decal set, one of their best, particularly the Char B1s.

February 1, 2014

The ISM page has been heavily updated, with many more photos added, including some of models that were not previously in the list.  I've also added many shots of GHQ's new South Korean KIFV and K2 Panther, along with the UK Tortoise.  I put this in the modern section, as it never actually saw use in WWII, though it could have gone on either page.  In addition, there are shots of ISM's two versions of the UK modern Challenger, along with the WWII-era Challenger and Comet from H&R.

January 24, 2014

News Item
Heroics & Ros have announced their first releases of the New Year 
JM01 Toyota Pickup
BM71 Range Rover 
GWG13 WW1 German field gun 7.7 cm FK 96 n.A.
GWR01 WW1 Russian field gun 76 mm divisional gun M1902 

Locally, I've broken the Modern US page into a series of sub-pages, as it was getting far too expansive.  The various labels and commentary have also been cleaned up a bit (who would have thought there would have been so many errors?)

I've also added an additional pile of Soviet models, including T-55s, BTR-50s, PSP-3s, and a sizeable number of aircraft. On the WWII side, I've added a slew of RAF Bomber Command models, while I've also posted a couple of ISM German gliders of various types.

January 10, 2013

News Item
There have been a plethora of releases over the last few years in the 6mm/ 1/300 / 1/285 industry.  Now, with the start of the new year, Baccus miniatures has announced that it will be added a line of WWII infantry and vehicles this year.  According to their site, the vehicles will mainly be nylon, assuming 3-D printed, while the equipment and infantry will be metal.  Overall, this is good news; Baccus is a quality manufacturer and its good to see them moving into an area of interest to this page and its readers.

More locally, I've updated the ISM page rather extensively, with some help from Mike McCloud, who sent in a number of missing photos.  Also, I fixed all the links on the new Modern Soviet pages...  don't know where they went last time I updated them.

December 27, 2013
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For this month, I've reorganized the Soviet section into much smaller, specific pages, as the original set was getting far too large.  I'm looking to do the same thing for the modern US page in January and the modern UK page in February.  Overall, it requires a bit more navigation, but is far more user-friendly.

Along those lines, there are a vast number of new Soviet Cold War models added.  They include a ton of vehicles, in particular GHQ's T-80U, CinC's T-64R, and a variety of others, really too numerous to list here.

For WWII armies, I've added a Lancaster for the UK, CinC's fantastic P-47D Razorback for the US, and France's Bloch 152.

November 15, 2013
Just a small update this month -- a sampling of the horde of new South Korean models being released by multiple manufacturers.  All good stuff, and great to see a new line out there.

October 1, 2013

OK, a whole slew of updates this month, probably the most ever.  To start with, I've updated my review of H&R's Australian Bushmaster to include a comparison with the new GHQ model.  I've also added a page for UK and Australian 21st Century wars models.

I'll just list the rest:
CinC Czech OT-64 Skot 2AP
GHQ Australian Bushmaster and ASLAV
CINC US M107, M109 Shop Van, Leo IIAV
GHQ Canadian LAV III
UK Ferret (GHQ), Stalwart, Land Rover Ambulance, Coyote, Jackal
France H&R Super Entendard
Italy and Netherlands Raiden F-104A
Germany H&R EC-135

UK CMP 30cwt, Bedofrd 3 Ton, Monty's Caravan
USSR La5FN (Raiden), LaGG-3 (CinC)
Italy P108 (H&R), Re 2000
Germany HE-111H (Raiden), Nashorn (ISM)

August 30, 2013
A fine pile of models this month.  I've added a number of WWII German models, including several GHQ Marders, ISM's Tiger II (ugh...), GHQ PzIIIN, CinC PzIVD, CinC 88mm Flak and SdKfz 7.  In the Italian ranks, more H&R Ceiriano, plus Semovente 75 and Semovente 47.  Finally, I've added a new section:  Axis Minor Allies, though it only has the H&R Turan II at this point.

On the modern front, there are H&R's UK Coyote and Jackal 2, a pair of fine new Ian-Armstrong designed models.  Additionally, I've added the Israeli RBY-TOW from ISM, plus the M105 Deuce in desert colors for the US.

August 6, 2013
A whole lot of new models this month.  On the modern side, the ISM M1E1 Company pack for the US, along with GHQ's excellent M105 Deuce and ISM's less good M2A2.  In addition, I've added the first shots of some 1/350 plastic to the USMC section.   For the Germans, I've put up shots of SPZKurz support vehicles for Shapeways, plus the new GHQ ADATs for Canada -- a really fantastic model.

For the France 1940 page, there are a number of new bombers from H&R, including the very impressive Farman 222.

Finally, I've added the first shots of a new section -- 10mm American Civil War.  So far, the models are the excellent line from GHQ, though I'm also working on some for Cracker Line.

June 26, 2013
OK, a variety of new models.  First off, some random additions to the modern UK section -- including Skytrex Warriors (ugh!) and H&R FV-432s (quite nice).  I've also added a generic Arab page.  Basically, these are units designed to be used as Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians ... whatever.  Finally, there are a slew of new Czech models from Shapeways.

On the WWII side, I've added shots of a regiment of GHQ German infantry from both the standard infantry pack and the heavy weapons pack.  In addition, there are several shots of various US vehicles.

May 27, 2013
Been away from this for a while, off running a road race in Massachusetts.  GHQ is out with their new releases (well, some of them) for the coming year -- and a lot of them look absolutely great, including the LAV III, T-72 Bridgelayer, and an M4A2.  

Updates this time are all Soviet, both modern and WWII.  On the modern side, there are only a few -- the ISM T-72 and (speculative) ZSU30-2.  However, there are a whole Red Horde of WWII models, including a dozen or more tanks, IS-122 assault guns, GHQ heavy weapons and artillery, CinC Katyusha, along with White Scout Cars, and plenty of others.

May 2, 2013
A few new Soviet additions -- BMD-3s, BTR-Ds, assorted SAM vehicles for the Soviets, plus a variety of engineering vehicles, mainly from Skytrex.

On the WWII side, there are a variety of Shermans, including a variety of ISM variants and CinC's fantastic M4A3E8 with sandbags (plus their less-good M18 Hellcat).  For the UK, there are GHQ Matilda IIs and CinC's Comet.

April 18, 2013
First up, a major news item.  Heroics & Ros has purchased the Skytrex 1/300 range.  H&R's Andy Kirk says that Skytrex has "some models which I want in our range and if I got" designer Ian Armstrong "to make those, he would not be making something else."  As an example, Kirk asks if "the 6mm world really needs two models of the SA-4 Ganef? ...  I would rather we were making new models than duplicating what already exists."

Overall, I have to say that this is great news for the hobby.  While we lose one manufacturer, the loss is not remarkably significant -- the range has been stagnant for years and some of its models are of questionable value.  Most importantly, this is a sign that H&R, which Kirk running the show and Ian Armstrong designing new models, is really setting itself up to be major competitor to GHQ going forward.  While GHQ continues to do excellent work, a little competition is likely to ensure that continues.  Between GHQ, H&R, and all the new models showing up on Shapeways, the industry is really seeing an impressive rebirth.  I have to say I'm excited about it.

Now for the usual update.  First, many thanks to Mike Jope, who went through many of the unknown and misidentified models.  I've updated with his changes.

As for new models, I've added a slew of new ISM Soviet models to the moderns section -- though I have to say that I'm not sure on the identity of all of them.  The variety of Soviet sub-models of various tanks along with ISM's "creativity" creates a fair bit of uncertainty.

On the WWII side, I've added shots of CinC's T-28 and SU-100 to the Soviet section, along with CinC Sdkfz 222s, 231s, Jagdpanzer Is and Panzer 38Ts to the WWII German section.

March 28, 2013
Another organizational change -- I've broken up the modern Soviet page into two parts, because it was just getting way, way too long.  There are links within the pages.

As for new models, here they are:  For the UK in Europe, the H&R Matilda I, the Hawker Sea Fury, the Hawker Tempest, plus the Yujin Spitfire.  For the UK in Africa, there is now a photo of the Scotia Hurricane IID.  I've also added the Dutch version of the Martin B-10 to the US section, plus the Yujin ME-109 and the ISM HS-129 for the Germans.

Far more models have added on the modern side.  First, there is the new SK-105 Kurassier from H&R for the Austrians.  A great model that fills a gaping hole.  Most new adds are for the Soviets -- CinC's SA-6, associated radar vehicle and ACRV, GHQ's SO-120, ISM's bizarrely inaccurate SS-20, the SA-10 radar vehicle, some kind of supply vehicle,  2S1, 2S3, MT-LB ARV, along with more BRDM-1s and SA-9s from GHQ.  The FRG also gets the T-33, as do the Belgians.

March 14, 2013
Alright, a bit of a change in the organization of the site.  The US modern section was getting way too large, so I'm splitting it into two parts.  The existing page will be focused on the Cold War and its immediate aftermath, while the new page, tenatively titled the US Army in the 21st Century, will be focused on current US Army equipment, particularly that which has served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, though not limited to it.  Most aircraft, with a few exceptions, will continue to appear on the original page.

In addition, I've been attempting to update the Excel file containing the my full inventory, split out by nation.  Currently, I'm only addings models that have been painted up, leaving aside a massive amount of unpainted inventory.  While the process is not done (for example, I haven't completed WWII or modern Soviets), it is well along.  A link can be found on the left side of this page.

Finally, as a housekeeping item, I've deleted all the "What's New" items from prior to 2011 -- it was getting a bit out of hand.

OK, now for the meat of this week's updates. They are all US; a few (M35 trucks, GEMSS minelayers, old ACAVs and M106s) are in the standard US section.  The major items are for the 21st Century US page -- the M104 Wolverine Bridgelayer, CinC's M1A2, GHQ's M2A3, M88s, M728s, M109A6s, and HMMWVs.

February 28, 2013
A small update this week -- a slew of modern Japanese aircraft, plus GHQ's PLA Combat Team and the F-17 aircraft for the Chinese.

February 21, 2013
Only a few new modern models in this update -- several GHQ riverines in the USMC/USN section (Swift boat, river monitor), plus a ton of H&R infantry for the UK.

Far more models for the WWII collection, mainly aircraft.  Note that these are not all newly-built/painted models, but represent a number of models that I had failed to previously include.  For the US, there are the B-24, B-25, B-26, B-10 (cool model from Shapeways), F4F, F6F, and TBD Devastaor.  For the Japanese, there are Ki30s from Shapeways, plastic Zeros, Irvings, N1K Rex Seaplanes, metal and plastic Jake Seaplanes, N1JK George in plastic, plus ISM's G4M Betty, plus a number of others.

For the Italians, I've added GHQ's Sahariana raiding vehicle, H&R's Ceirano truck, another verions of the MC205V Veltro, plus the ISM SM-79 and BR-20.

February 7, 2013
A bunch of new models, including more from Shapeways.  I've added photos of GHQ's excellent Israeli infantry, the UK's Humber Pig from Shapeways, plus the RM-70 MRL and Tatra 813 truck for the Czechs, also from Shapeways.

I've also added photos of a hoard of new US WWII models, including various Shermans from ISM and GHQ, CinC tank destroyers, and CinC halftracks, among other things.

January 21, 2013
Happy (Belated) New Year!
On the modern side, I've got H&R's new T-54 on the Soviet page, along with GHQ new(ish) Fennek for the FRG.  Plus another UK M109 and Swedish S-Tank, both done using alternate paint palettes.  

Far more models on the WWII side.  To start with, I've got shots up of the Polish PWS-10, a Shapeways 3-D printed model.  In addition, the UK's Light Dragon MkIII, a new H&R model, is up.  Beyond that, a number of US late-war vehicles, including ISM's M36 Jackson and M24 Chaffee.  And for the Jacksons to take pot shots at, lots of Germans -- Tiger Is, Tiger IIs, ISM's Nashorn, and about a half-dozen flak vehicles.

December 19, 2012
Big addition is the review of H&R's excellent Dana 152mm Self-Propelled gun.  Also added a variety of WWII Polish prime movers, H&R UK Mack EXBX tank transporter, more UK Centurios, CVR(T)s, Centurions and Austin Champ variants, US M2s, and the Swedish Volvo C303 with RR.

November 30, 2012
A whole slew of new models have been added.  On the modern side, I've put up photos of the HS-30 and SPZ Kurz, both early Cold War West German APCs from Dragoman's Depot/Shapeways Models.  I've also added the TU-128 Fiddler, another Shapeways model, for the Soviets.  Others:  H&R V-22 and ISM Skyraider for the USMC, Skyraider Dutch F-16, French Mirage F-1, Italian AMX and A-109 from H&R, some poor quality F-15 for the US,  along with M60A1 and M113 battalions.

There are also a number of recently-released items -- H&Rs new and excellent BV-206 and BV-202 in Swedish service and the Shapeways 3-D printed HS-30 and SPZ-Kurz for the West Germans.

Only a few models on the WWII side, including the British Medium Dragon Mk IV from H&R, some sort of US P-51 and GHQ's P-39, and German Pz IIs and IIIs.

November 15, 2012
I've added a section covering French WWII aircraft this week, featuring five different models from H&R, plus their verion of the later B-25 to the US WWII section.  In addition, I've also updated the section covering Fred Oliver's conversions.

November 9, 2012
I've added a whole slew of excellent conversions done by Fred Oliver to a new section.  I've used new software (HTTPhoto) to create albums; if anyone has a problem getting it to work, please let me know.

October 22, 2012
A whole slew of new US WWII troops.  I've put up shots of the heavy weapons offerings from both GHQ and H&R.  In addition, there a shots of various and assorted field artillery, GHQ's Calliope and 2.5 ton fuel truck, plus assorted jeeps and trucks.

October 16, 2012
I've added a bunch of new entries to the ISM section, thanks to a variety of new photos from H&R's Andy Kirk.

October 10, 2012
The big addition this week is the GHQ al Qaeda combat command, along with a bunch of other vehicles to flesh it out, in its new section.  Also added photos of my new GHQ-based T-64 regiment plus the ISM BTR-80 for the Soviets, the Unimog 2-tonner, Iltis and Skorpion for the West Germans, plus a group of Austrian models to the European Neutrals page.

September 20, 2012
I've added a new review of the excellent Battle of Britain set from Raiden Miniatures.  In related news, Raiden Miniatures has apparently been bought by I-94 Enterprises, the excellent manufacturer of numerous decal sets and Panzer Keepers.  I've also added the shots of the appropriate models to the UK and WWII German pages, along with the CinC JU87D and JU87G.  Also added a decidedly sub-par model of the Soviet WWII Yak-9, plus the significantly better Yujin Ki-61 Hien for the Japanese.

Outside of aircraft, I've added images of my recently completed DAK infantry to the Afrika Korps page.

I've also added shots of the new H&R BV-206S to the modern German page.  Check it out, an excellent model.

September 7, 2012
Not a lot of new painted models this week, but a whole heck of a lot of new ISM photos.  Many thanks to all of you who submitted suggestions for the unknown models; I'll be updating that page shortly.

August 23, 2012

OK, the big news here is that I've added at least 60 new ISM items to the that section, and am now far closer to cataloguing the full range.  That said, there are still a lot of models from the company that I can't identify.  I've created a page for them; if you have any ideas, go ahead and email me.

I've done a major update of the Polish WWII section, adding numerous models from GHQ and H&R, including the full GHQ Combat Command.  Also added the towed 37mm AA gun for the WWII Soviets.  

On the modern side, I've added shots of the various Champ light vehicles now offered by H&R to the UK page and a 4k4 masquerading as a Leonidas for the Greeks.

August 3, 2012
I've added an absolute horde of WWII late war German models.  After all, I have to have something for the Americans and Brits to shoot up... Among the models are Panters, Jagdpanthers, Tiger IIs, Stugs and a variety of self-propelled guns.

I've also added a good half-dozen completed models to the plastic aircraft section (and to their appropriate sections), including Vought Corsairs, F6F Wildcats, and a bunch of Japanese aircraft.

I've also added the fine new H&R Archer Self-Propelled Gun and the Raiden Saab Viggen for the Swedes.  Finally, I've updated the photos of the Greek A-7H and Mirage F-1 with new decals from I-94.

August 2, 2012
I've finally gotten around to updating the battlefield accessories page, adding items from a dozen manufacturers.  I've also added the link to the page to the list on the left.

July 27, 2012
Its apparently WWII aircraft week at MicroArmorMayhem (and likely will be for the next few weeks to come, too...)

Overcoming the trauma of CinC's modern aircraft, I took the plunge and picked up a bunch of WWII models.  For this week, I've added the US B-25 Mitchell and the Soviet IL-2 Sturmovik -- both fine models that will probably prompt me to buy more from the line.  I've also added my first models from Raiden, which are a tremendous combination of good quality and low pricing:  Italian G.50 and US C-47 Dakota.  Less good are Scotia/CollectAir US P-38s, which are significantly inferior to their H&R equivalents from recent weeks.  Also added were H&R's massive Cant Z.506 Italian seaplane and two different B-17s from ISM and Yujin.

On the non-aircraft side, I've added CinC's Archer 17lber SP and H&R's UK Retriever GS for the UK, and more GHQ M-26 US tanks.

On the modern side, I-94's decals have allowed me to create a North Korean Mig-21 set, listed under Warsaw Pact models, perhaps the start of a new collection.  Also a trio of helicopters -- CinC AH-1 and GHQ AH-6 for the US, and GHQ PAH-1 for the Germans.  The JASDF gets the F-Toys C-1.  Several fine new H&R modern Chinese models as well -- the Type 99A1 MBT and the Type 89 SPAT.

July 20, 2012
Added some updates to the plastic aircraft section and the ISM section.  More to come in both over the enext few days.

July 11, 2012
New this month:  GHQ's excellent modern US Stryker Engineering Support Vehicle and the USMC's MTVR Mk 23.  Also added:  the German Puma IFV, a real monster of a vehicle, plus lots of CinC M1s and M1A1s for the US, GHQ T-72s painted using the Reaper 3-color system, H&R's UK FV432 Fitters Vehicle, and the H&R CV9030 for Finland (under the Neutrals tab).

For the WWII armies, Polish Pzl Sum heavy fighter, a variety of DAK armored vehicles, and another version of the ISM M4A3E8 for the US.

June 15, 2012
I've added my first review, a new feature.  Its of H&Rs new set of Australian Bushmaster vehicles.  I've also added photos of their UK Mastiff.  

On the modern side, I've added GHQ's Leopard 2A6 and Panzerhaubitze 2000 for the Germans.   I also added shots of custom-made USMC infantry units (M2HB team and 81mm mortar team)

I've also added the first Arab forces, which I used the Reaper Miniatures Khaki paint system to paint.  

I've also added a number of WWII aircraft models -- the German JU-52, US P-38, and a bunch of Polish aircraft.

June 1, 2012
Not an officially monthly update, just added a bunch of stuff to the plastic aircraft section.

May 14, 2012
OK, I've got my camera working again (its old and crappy, but does a good job taking pictures of micro armor in my unskilled hands)

A whole horde of new Soviet aircraft have been added -- ISM's SU-27, Mig-29, SU-25, plus a bunch of Mig-19s and Mig-21.  Also added the ISM F-105 Thunderchief for the US.  
I also updated the Warsaw Pact section -- it had previously mostly been empty

I've also completed GHQ's US MRAP Combat Team combat command, and the various and assorted models (plus shots of the full unit) are in the US section.

Finally, I added two H&R aircraft to the World War II Italy section, the CA310 and the BA65.

May 4, 2012
I've had some camera problems over the last two months, but I'm sorting them out, and should have a (very) large update in the next few weeks.  I've got an absolute ton of new models done, just awaiting the camera.  For now, I've added a few more models and done some reorganization and updating.  First, there is an update to the NATO 1989 OOB.  In addition, I've begun a Battlefield Accessories page, though it only has a few items on it so far.  I've also changed the Modern Sweden page to European Neutrals and have added a Swiss model.  Finally, I've added a few more models, including ISM's Sherman Crab and Bren to the NWE Europe page.

February 16, 2012
OK, I've expanded and changed the former section on 1/300 Nichimo aircraft.  It now includes a review of a number of plastic aircraft by a variety of manufactures, including Nichimo, Toko, F-Toys, and others, and is much larger.  In addition, I'll have a number of adds in coming months.

On the WWII side, I've added an absolutely horde of US models, including halftracks, artillery, tank destroyers, tanks, ISM P-47s and much more.  I've also added the first early war German models, GHQ's Stug IIIE, which will probably end up in a new section when I have more related models.  Also added are older GHQ Churchills for the Brits and the fine GHQ P-39 to the Soviet section, plus some Japanese aircraft.

On the modern side, the USMC section has now got the CinC F-14, the Nichimo F-8, and GHQ's massive and imposing LVT-5.  Beyond that are several marginal A-10s for the US, along with (yet) more Gamma Goats.  Also added a GHQ Tornado loaded with weapons for the UK.

February 13, 2011
Added a bunch of aircraft models that I had previously failed to post -- more G4Ms, the P1Y, several 1/300 Nichimo aircraft for the Japanese,

January 6, 2011
Alright, getting this update in early this month, to make up for the missed November update.  On the modern side, the big addition is the fantastic French AMX-10RC from GHQ, and the far less good Scotia model.  Plus all sorts of US M113s and M60s, along with a variety of support vehicles.  Also a nice compare and contrast between GHQ and CinC M163 SPAA guns.   Also added GHQ (I think...) and CinC KrAZ Soviet heavy trucks.

On the World War II side, there are a veritable Red Horde of new Soviet models added to the lone T-35 that was previously there -- including GHQ's SU-76, KV-1S, JS-2, T-34/76, T-70, and CinC's SU-100.

In addition, there are photos of my new WWII US Infantry Regiment, made with a variety of GHQ figures.  The support weapons will be coming shortly.  Also included are CinC's M24 Chaffee, GHQ's M16 SPAA, and GHQ's M20.

December 12, 2011
A bit delayed this month (well, very delayed...)
Lots of new World War II models -- mainly US:  M24 Chafee, Dukw, M4A3E2 Jumbo, ISM M4A3E8, M16 AA halftrack, and M26 heavy tanks.   Plus CinC's 40mm bofors for the UK.

On the modern side, there are a bunch of UK models -- various FV432s, more Abbots, the mighty Conqueror, GHQ's Scimitar, and the Cymbeline radar vehicle.  For the US, CinC's M110A2, assorted radio HMMWVs, CinC M60A1, and Jeeps with TOWs.  For the FRG, GHQ's Jagdpanzer Kanone.  For France, CinC's VAB 4x4 and AMX30.

October 19, 2011
On the modern side, a number of Soviet models -- IMR engineering vehicles, BT4M entrenching vehicle, 2S1 122mm SP, SA-13, GHQ MT-LB and GHQ Gaz-66.  PBV302 for Sweden, plus Type 63 light tank for the PRC.  Also a number of HMMWVs, GHQ's A-10, and UH-1 for the US, and many FRG models, including the PAH-2 helicopter, assorted Unimog and Man trucks, GHQ infantry and some more Fuchs.  

Most of the action this time is on the WWII front -- including the first continental Europe German models, including Panthers and Tigers, many UK trucks painted up for European service, and the first of the WWII Soviet models -- the outstanding T-35 from GHQ.

September 26, 2011
US WWII M3 Lees, M4 Shermans, and M8 Greyhounds, UK M3 Grants, a Fairey Albacore, and several types of field artillery.

On the modern side, there is the excellent new GHQ AMX-VCI for the French, the ISM A-6 for the USMC, the Vietnam-era Cadillac Gage Commando and the GHQ F-16 for the US, and Tornados for Italy, Germany, and France.  Also CinC Jaguars for France.

August 12, 2011
Numerous new models added.  In the 2nd World War section, there are Humber Mk IVs for the UK.  For the Germans, various PzIVF1, PzIVF2, and PZIIIJ, plus assorted SdKfz-251s.  For the Japanese, Te-Ke Tankettes and several types of late war self-propelled guns.  For the US, a horde of excellent M3 halftracks, a jeep, and the M29 Weasel.

On the modern side, a Skytrex Merkava has been added for the Israelis, plus assorted Main Force Miniatures infantry for the US along Skytrex M163s and a badly done M728 CEV.  For the USMC, there are more and varied GHQ LAVs, plus a PACV SRN5 from Skyraider.  For the UK, an M109 SP gun, many more Spartans, Centurion AVREs and a Challenger 1 with minerollers.  The Italians get an Aspide missile system.  

The big addition is the first of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force models from Scotia.  The line is reasonably well developed, but the models are not great.

July 20, 2011
A horde of new M1s of various makes, from the excellent to the wretched.  For the US, I've added GHQ's M1A2, M1A2 with mine plow, M1A2 TUSK, more CinC M1s, and several UK-made M1 models.  I've also added several M548 tracked supply vehicles from various UK manufacturers and a UK-made M551 and M901.  For the UK, I've added the Skytrex Scorpion, Bedford MK and Improved Centurion, along with a CinC M110A1.

On the WWII side, I've added 3.7mm AA guns and several types of prime movers for the DAK, along with a rather unique Italian truck from Pewtercraft.

June 13, 2011
A slew of new models this month.  Many new Israeli models (including some finished a while ago, but never posted).  These include Skytrex's Ben Gurion and L33, ISM's L-33 SP gun, CinC's Merkava, and a number of others.  I've also finally completed a number of GHQ M1A1s and M1A2s for the US, some even with all there machine guns.  There are also models with GHQ's mine plow and with GHQ's NATO chevron decals.   For the USMC and the USN, I've added the Skytrex F-14A.  There are also more Chieftains, Challengers and Centurions from the Brits, and an Aeronavale F-8 for the French.

For the World War Two armies, I've added some very vintage (like late 60s or early 70s) Italian tanks.  For the Germans, I've added Armstrong Models' excellent DFS Glider, perhaps for a Malta assault game.  The UK gets some Hawker Tempests and a Fairey Barracuda, while there are several aircraft added for the Imperial Japanese, the first of many.

I've made a change in the way I'm painting models these days.  I'm now using a light brown wash of regular acrylic paint for dirtying up the running gear for vehicles, then using a dark umber ink over the whole model.  While it looks odd at times in the close up photos, it looks quite good from a distance.

May 10, 2011
I'm now working on microarmor in earnest -- I've gotten over 200 models built and painted in the last month.  There should be regular updates over the next month.  I've added the first (of many) US WWII models.  I've also started adding some of the very ancient GHQ models I acquired last year, most notably a slew of Matilda IIs and Bren Carriers.  For the Desert Brits, there are also a variety of other models, including a Bishop SPG, Humber ACs, a badly done GHQ M3 Grant, a CinC Crusader, and a Quad carrier.

On the modern side, I've added shots of many US vehicles, including AVLBs, M60s of various stripes, CinC M2s, Skytrext M106s, and more CinC M1s.

Also note that the new advertiser above -- Noble Knight Games, a great gaming resource and a stockist of the GHQ line.

February 20, 2011
After another long pause, I'm back to collecting and painting microarmor.  A brief explanation:  I looked at my collection at the end of last summer, and realized that I had something on the order of 1500 vehicles and 125 aircraft unpainted.  A big part of these came from a pair of massive eBay lots I won two years ago (and they were shockingly cheap).  Many of the newly acquired pieces, plus others, were duplicates of those that I already had.  I decided to cease purchasing additional models for a year so I could work on the backlog.  I have made some progress, but the downside is that I was mainly painting and basing vehicles already on this site.  I still have six months to go on my "no new models" buying vow.  

That said, I have a fair collection of new additions to the site, and hope to have more over the coming months.  Among the new adds:  CinC's T-10M for the Soviets, along with the Katyusha, Scotia's IT-122, IT-130, KS-30 130mm AA gun, Vasilek automortar, a custom BMP-1K, and a horde of H&R Soviet Infantry.  For the UK, there is GHQ's 105mm Light Gun and Pritzi prime mover, Lightning fighters, several Armstrong Models heavy trucks and some wretched Viking Chinooks.  I've also added WWII French H&R Inf, modern French AMX-10RC uparmored, a Dutch NF-5A, modern Chinese, an Israeli 160mm SP mortar, and finally, a horde of DAK Germans.

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