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Home Made Bunker
I made this one out of air-dry clay.  Marginal, but functional.

These are less good...

Leva Tarawa Bunkers
Resin bunkers from terrain maker Leva Miniatures.  They are meant to represent the bunkers built by the Japanese on Tarawa.  Overall, I like the models quite a bit, but I had difficulty figure out what colors to actually paint them.

Same as above, but with the top removed.

Vac-U-Cast Bunker
What looks to be an Atlantic Wall style bunker from defunct plastics maker Vac-U-Cast

From an unknown maker, but reasonably good

JB Miniatures Vehicle Emplacements
Not the best models -- the bases are entirely too thick, though they are large enough to hold most vehicles.

Time Cast Infantry Emplacements
These come pre-painted, and are truly excellent -- the gold standard of fortifications

Time Cast Vehicle Emplacements
Also pre-painted, and very good, though their well built-up structure would appear to make them more useful for moderns than World War II.  That said, they are too small for MBTs.

Barbed Wire
Home made concertina wire.  I made this by looping brass wire around a plastic rod, sliding it off, and set it in a thick glue on a Wargames Accessories 1"x1" steel base.  Cheap, easy and works quite well.

CinC Dragon's Teeth
Very nice Dragon's Teeth in two sizes from CinC.


Civilian Vehicles And Civilians

1/300 Pre-Painted Civilians
From no particular manufacturer, regularly sold on eBay from a Chinse firm.  The offer them pre-painted and unpainted; these are the pre-painted.  They are mounted on 1"x1" Wargames Accessories bases with Noch N-Scale railroad road tape.

Road Systems And Bridges

Pontoon Bridging System
Reasonable quality, manufacturer Unknown

Random Stuff

Ammo Dump
Boxes and barrels from Marklin Z scale supply pack.  Most useful, but I believe it is out of production.

Fuel Dump
Metal railroad accessories from Pit Road (? I don't remember) on a Wargames Accessory 1"x1" base

JD Miniatures Tents
Field tents from JB Miniatures, with a base that is just way, way too thick


A nice set of rail lines and rail cars from an unknown maker(s)

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