Scotia Micromodels


Heroics & Ros/NavWar

I-94 Enterprises
Makers of Panzer Keepers and decals.  These guys are great, and I highly recommend purchasing their various storage boxes.

Collectors, Hobbyists And Gamers
I have found these to be some of the best micro armor sites out there.  If anyone has any others to suggest, please feel free to drop me a line at

Allen's Microarmor Blog
An excellent site, well worth a frequent read.

6mm Wargaming
Kieran Mahoney's site, featuring numerous photos of models, terrain, and games.  A Very well-produced affair, which features a number of less-known armies, including WWII Polish aircraft and modern South Africans.  Well worth a look.

An excellent site featuring comparisons of models by different manufacturers, terrain details, Q&A, rules, and a personal favorite of mine, conversions.

Tom has a catalog (with the official photos) of most of the GHQ & CinC catalog, rather handy to have in one place.  The real draw at this site, though, is the terrain maker page -- probably the best one out there on how to create terrain with GHQ's system.
Terrain Maker
A newer site with a great collection of after-action photos from various games.

Fort Wargaming
One of the premier pages for Scotia and H&R models, including an online catalog with photos of many of their models and a ton of conversions.

The homepage of Central Alberta Micro Armor, currently being rebuilt

Festerplatz RitterKrieg
This gentleman is doing some of the best work with microarmor on the web.  His pages are an inspiration.  His site is also home to the SchwereKompanie set of 1-to-1 WWII rules.

IanH's 6mm Wargamining Page
While he mostly does WWII, IanH's work is excellent, and his site is well designed.  One interesting item -- his Gladiator in a biscuit tin game.

Bob McKenzie's Wargaming Page
A great site with after action reviews, some conversion ideas, and a fair bit of number of alternative rules, particularly for Fist Full of TOWs.
Bob's 1/300 Scale Page

Vendheaume Little Fighters
This French site features the motherlode of 6mm armies throughout the ages, and just gives you an idea of the possibilities available in 6mm, particularly with infantry.  After looking through this extensive site, I suddenly felt the need to repaint all my infantry.  Great work to Jean-Marc and his colleagues.