Main Battle Tanks
Reconnaissance Vehicles
Engineering Vehicles
Artillery, Tracked and Towed
Infantry and Ligh Weapons
Main Battle Tanks

Denmark had two main battle tanks during the 1980s -- Leopard 1s and Centurions.

GHQ Leopard 1DK
This is the GHQ Leopard 1A5 with the detail shaved off the side and replaced by plastic stock simulating storage bins.

CinC Centurion DK1
A pair of upgraded Danish Centurions near a haystack.

GHQ Centurion in Danish Service


CV-90 Armadillo
Heavy APC ordered in small numbers (as of 2017) by Denmark.  Model is from Shapeways by National Cheese Emporium.

A pair of Danish M113s follow an M41DK out of a village and down an asphalt road.

Reconnaissance Vehicles


Denmark was one of the last users of the M41 in Europe, although their version was heavily modified, as is this model derived from a GHQ M41.  For a variety of reasons, these conversions (I did three total) took longer than any other I have attempted.

A shot of all three M41s along with an M113

Engineering Vehicles

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

M113 Mortar Carrier
Four modified Heroics & Ros M106s

M109 155mm SP Howitzer
Manufacturer unknown -- might be early GHQ.  HMGs are from CinC

M101 105mm Towed Howitzer
CinC gun with GHQ US WWII gun crew.  CinC makes some absolutely fantastic artillery pieces.

M114 155mm Towed Howitzer
CinC gun with GHQ US WWII gun crew

M115 203mm Howitzer
CinC gun, GHQ & H&R crew (actually, the gun is the US WWII 8" model, but there is little difference).  Denmark fielded a number of independent batteries of these guns right through the ned of the war.

M59 155mm Gun
This is the famous WWII M2 Long Tom gun, renamed post-war.
Gun is from CinC, crew is from GHQ (noticing a pattern here?).
I really should have picked one of the models with a straight barrel.

Miscellaneous Vehicles

MD-500 Defender
Used in the scout role by Denmark, I took the liberty of adding TOW launchers and making them the light AT helo version.  This is an excellent model from GHQ.  I used a mixture of silver and blue for the windows, and I think that will be my new standard paint scheme for helo glass.  

Infantry and Light Weapons

Danish Infantry and Support Weapons
I used H&R Modern West Germans to represent Danish infantry

H&R 120mm mortars from the Soviet Heavy Weapons pack work well for the Danes.  You can't really see the distinctive Soviet baseplates on the flocked models.

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