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After decades without any South Korea-specific models, a plethora have been released over the last six months, both from GHQ and H&R.  In addition, there are now several South Korean models available from 3-D printer Shapeways (though there are none far)

Main Battle Tanks

Personnel Carriers And Infantry
Recon Assets

Main Battle Tanks

K2 Panther
An excellent new model from GHQ

A better version

This is a 3-D printed version from Shapeways.  Not bad, but not in the same league as the GHQ model.


A key South Korean main battle tank, on par with the M1A1 and early Leopard IIs -- and more than a match for anything the North can field.

This is the GHQ version, which is brilliant, as is expected with all of their new models.

This is the H&R version. It is not quite as detailed as the GHQ model, but is still very good -- also typical of the newer models from Andy Kirk and Ian Armstrong.  In addition, it has baggage in on its turret, which looks great.  However, the crew figures, while a nice touch, are a bit blobby.

A better paint job

Here are the two models together.

APCs, IFVs & Infantry


The South Korean version of the Dutch PRI.  This version is from H&R, and is quite good -- particularly the baggage.  It doesn't show that well in these photos, mainly due to the complicated camo scheme.  After seeing these photos, I believe that I should have black-washed the baggage carriers a bit.

Another new (2013) model from GHQ.  Probably better detailed than the H&R model, but has less "life" due to the lack of baggage.  Plus, it lacks the side equipment racks of the H&R models.

Newest AIFV.  This is a 3-D printed model from Shapeways.  Not a tremendously good model.

Reconnaissance Vehicles

Engineering Vehicles

Bridging version of the K1 MBT.  The detail on the bridge in particular is excellent -- much better than anything produced by any other company.  I used a slightly different camo scheme on this model, and regret it, because it just doesn't "pop" like I wanted it to.

Another Version.  This one has add-on baggage from H&R's range

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

K9 Thunder
SP 155mm gun from H&R.  One thing that deserves to be mentioned about the model is the way the barrel is produced.  It is a separate piece that  can be mounted at any angle -- something that all manufacturers should emulate.

K55 155mm SP Gun
South Korean version of the M109, from GHQ.  Unlike some older models, this one actually includes the standard on-board baggage, some thing that is to be commended.

I think it is a GHQ model but I'm not sure

Miscellaneous Vehicles

K263 Cheongoong AA Vehicle
20mm armed AA version of the KIFV from H&R

CinC M35 Trucks


CinC Model -- Photo is very washed out

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