Aircraft And Helicopters

Note:  The Soviet section has been broken up into a number of subsections, because the original had gotten far too large.  

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H&R Mi-26
A massive, wonderful model (and the only available) of this impressive beast.  Build is easy, with resin hull, pewter additions, and brass rotors.

H&R MI-6
Another great model, similar to the above (but of course, not nearly so massive)

H&R Mil MI-24 Hind-E
A surprisingly good model from H&R, with armament options and a one-piece propeller.
In general, H&R helicopters compare rather favorably with other manufacturers (GHQ excepted)

GHQ's excellent early Hind.  I haven't figure out how to appropriately attach the rotors yet.  I used a new inking technique on this model.

Skytrex model, heavily rebuilt by me.  An absolutely massive model.  As far as I know, no longer in production.

GHQ Mi-8
I tried to airbrush out the flight stand

More modern photos of the GHQ Mi-8

This is a 3-D printed model from Kokoda Trail Models, scaled up from a 1/600 scale model

TU-128 "Fiddler"
A fine 3-D printed model from Shapeways, one that is absolutely huge, but fairly lightweight because of the material.  The surface is a little rough, but the missiles are extremely well done.

H&R Mig-23
Missiles are AS7s (I think) from CinC Soviet Aircraft missile pack

CinC Mig-23
At least that is probably what it is... came from a big eBay box of aircraft.

Skytrex model.  Kitted out with CinC Soviet missiles.  Admittedly, not a great shot.

Another version... This may be an H&R model.  I don't know if this is a Mig-23 or a Mig-27.

H&R Mig-25
Decals from I-94 Enterprises

H&R Mig-29
This model is very, very small -- seems closer to about 1/320th.  In retrospect, I'm not even sure this is a Mig-29.

ISM Mig-29
Unlike other ISM models, it has no weapons cast on

I believe this is the H&R model

I believe that this is Skyraider's version of the Mig-31, but I have really no idea.

I believe this is an H&R model

Another version

CinC (I believe) Mig-21

I believe this is the ISM model

H&R SU-7
Decals from I-94 Enterprises

GHQ SU-25 Grach
A super ground attack aircraft from GHQ, although assembly is a bit difficult -- tough to keep the rocket pods attached.  I need a better photo, as this one is way too washed out.

SU-25 Frogfoot
ISM version of the Soviet ground attack aircraft

H&R SU-27

ISM version of the model, complete with a broad array of air-to-air missiles

Eastern Express AN-72P Naval Patrol Aircraft

Antonov AN-30
Plastic model from either Toko or Eastern Express (I think they are essentially selling the same products).  This version is a mapping aircraft.  I didn't use the common paint scheme, because I assume in wartime it wouldn't be painted up like an Aeroflot jet...

Antonov AN-94
Same comments as above, but this is an AWACS-type aircraft

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