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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

The model in the back is what they look like ion the table, rather than under a flash.

Here is a different set of GHQ M2A2s, which I attempted to paint in the official NATO tri-color pattern.

Not a great model...

GHQ M2 Bradleys
NATO tri-color paint schme with GHQ infatnry.

A different version, painted up in MERDC.

And even more GHQ Bradleys, with GHQ decals

One vehicle from each company in a scale battalion, along with the scout team (S) and headquarters track (34)

Plain OD Scheme with H&R add-on equipment

Desert Paint Scheme

CinC M2 Bradleys
These models appear to be made off of an earlier prototype, and while the general form is accurate, many of the final details are lacking, most noticeably the turret stowage.

This was one of the proposals for the program that ultimately led to the M2 Bradley.  It was effectively an earlier Bradley with less armour and a smaller turret.  This unusual model is from Heroics & Ros.

GHQ M113s
M113A3s on top, with NATO Tri Color paint job, M113 in inferior version of MERDC Euro Fall at the bottom with GHQ infantry

Another Version of GHQ's M113A3

CinC M113A2
A fine model, which comes with a molded command figure.

A pair of GHQ M113s with CinC M2HBs

Baggage is from H&R

An old and badly painted GHQ model, with a badly attached M2HB, along with GHQ infantry

ISM M113
Not a great model (this may, in fact, be the Israeli Zelda)

Another version, plus an M577

Some sort of M113 from a UK manufacturer
Not terrible, but commander's hatch is more than a bit oversized

This is the newer mold; the older (dating from sometime in the seventies) is crude at best.  I will include a shot of it here at some point

A very early version of the GHQ ACAV...  probably from the 1970s.

M132 Zippo
GHQ model of flamethrower M113 variant

Masters of Military M75 APC
Early US Cold War APC

Masters of Military M59 APC
Even earlier Cold War APC, along with its mortar carrying-variant, the M84.

Early Cold War US APC , by Masters of Military

GHQ M114 Scout Vehicle

Different Version

Cadillac Gage Commando
An excellent Vietnam-era model from GHQ

M113 Hybrid
A speculative model of an M113 with the dual HMG/AGL turret from the AAAVP-7.  I don't think it was ever proposed by anyone, but it would have made a good wartime expedient.

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