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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

M105 Deuce
A fine new model from GHQ of a commonly used bulldozer

Standard US combat engineering vehicle, based on an M60 chassis.  An early and fairly weak paint job.

M728 without lift arms in MERDC Euro Spring

Another version, this one reclaimed from eBay and not good

A vastly better version...

CinC M728
A fine model, superior to its GHQ equivalent.

Easily the nicest model of a bridging vehicle out there

Another version

Scotia M9 ACE
Somewhat crude M9 Armored Combat Earthmover.  Still, at about 60 cents apiece, quite inexpensive.  It would be a much better model with some definition to the running gear.

M35 Truck with GEMSS Minethrower
GHQ truck, unknown "frisbee flinger"

HMMWV Smokelayers
An absolutely fantastic model from CinC.  A rare subject, but extraordinarily well done.

New models from a new company.  These are actually WWII dozers, but similar models remained in use with all of NATO throughout the Cold War.  I need a better shot of these guys.

CinC Dumptruck
A great model, and crucial to any engineering unit

ISM Dumptruck

More versions...

M132 Flamethrower Vehicle
From Skytrex

Amphibious Truck, from Shapeways designer Kokoda Trail Models

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