Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact Models
Main Battle Tanks
Reconnaissance Vehicles
Engineering Vehicles
Artillery, Tracked and Towed
Main Battle Tanks

Czech modification of the venerable T-55.  GHQ model.

Older GHQ models done in the camo scheme seen on the vehicle at a Virginia tank museum


GHQ OT-64s
I did all my Czech vehicles in a dark green/red brown camo pattern which I picked up from Zaloga's Tank War: Central Front.

GHQ and CinC OT-64s
GHQ on left, CinC on right.  In this case, the GHQ model has considerably more detail.

GHQ version?

I believe this is the Skytrex model

Another version, this one from GHQ

OT-64 Skot 2AP
CinC model of later OT-64

GHQ BMP-1 and Early Model OT-64 by H&R (?)
I really wish GHQ would come out with a better BMP-1

OT-62 Topas
Manufacturer unknown, though it looks like GHQ (it is not marked on the bottom, however)

Reconnaissance Vehicles


GHQ Scout Car

Similar model, different paint scheme

Another version

Engineering Vehicles

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

H&R Dana 152mm SP Artillery
A fine model from H&R

More versions, this time including the AA gun

Warsaw Pact MRL, used in place of BM-21.  Model is from Shapeways, printed in White, Strong & Flexible, which really leaves a rough model.  The model does, however, come with several different options, including a front bulldozer plow and the option of either putting the launcher in travel or firing positions.

2S1 Gvozdika 122mm SP Gun

I believe this is the Skytrex model, though I am not sure

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Tatra 813
Shapeways 3D printed model from Dragoman.  A general-purpse heavy truck printed in White, Strong and Flexible.  A bit rough, but does come with optional canopies for the bed and plows for the front.

Tatra 813
This version is also 3D printed, but from Masters of Military, and is a considerably better model, though also pricier

Tatra T148
Another heavy truck in WSF Polished from Shapeways

Tatra 815
Variants of the Shapeways model in WSFP

Tatra T148 Fuel Tanker

Another WSFP Shapeways model

Amphibious minelaying trailer from Shapeways in WSFP.  Most (all?) of the Czech models are from "Lukeuadasarson."

D032A Excavator
Another fine Shapeways model in WSFP


H&R Mig-21
Painted up in Polish colors, with excellent decals from I-94 Enterprises

H&R SU-7
With Polish decals from I-94

Mi-2 Hoplite

H&R early Warsaw Pact helicopter, many of which were built in Poland.  
The paint job is one used by the Polish, and the camo colors are deliberately thinned, since they appeared fairly roughed up in the photo I used for it.

North Korean Mig-21
Yeah, I know they weren't part of the Warsaw Pact...  Decals are from I-94.

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