"Willich" CHAVRE
This is a pair of CHAVREs made from two Heroics & Ros Chieftain hulls.  They represent the versions created by the Willich arsenal in the mid-to-late 1980's for the Royal Engineers.   The racks are made from stock plastic I-Beams and some fancier stuff whose name I can't recall.  The packs of fascines (they look like bundles of sticks, but are pipes in real life) are stock rods cut to lenght.  The rolls of trackway are coffee stirrers, wrapped in masking tape and then a lay of mesh.  While these models look good on the table, I really had difficulty squaring off the different parts of the plastic frames.  Only one has a plow, as I have photos of them both with and without it.  The plow is a hunk of bent brass.
CHAVRE Under Construction
Here are the almost-finished CHAVREs.  If I had it to do over, I would have used GHQ or CinC hulls -- they would look much better.  I would also have done several more packs of fascines and put some thread over them to represent the chains holding them on.  I still have some touch-up painting to do on these guys and will probably add some decals.
CHAVRE PaintedCHAVRE Painted

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